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An overview of our manufacturing capabilities:



Freshco has the ability to unload both a juice tanker and a sugar tanker simultaneously or stage two juice tankers simultaneously.




Freshco’s blend room contains 2 – 3000 gallon cold wall bend tanks. Each have water and sugar meters that allow for a semi-automatic blending operation that can blend a finished product at about 60 gallons/minute. The facility also has a high shear mixer which can quickly blend powders (i.e. calcium, vitamins, citric acid) into either juices or water.


Freshco has a fully automated 50 GPM HHST triple tube pasteurizer that can pasteurize and chill almost any juice or punch products with up to ¼” particulates and up to 50 grams per liter floating pulp. This unit is completely PLC controlled and simple to operate via HMI. With remote monitoring capabilities this unit as well as Freshco’s cleaning system is remotely monitored serviced.


Freshco has a small drum filling line for bulk products and a drum dumper/chopper to use in blending single straight juices, juice concentrates and pulp.


Small quantity (1 drum) base concentrates are pumped to the blend tanks using a 2” air diaphragm pump. This prevents the line loss that occurs using the drum dumper/chopper.


Freshco has a fully automated CIP System that is used to clean and sterilize our tanks and fillers. This PLC controlled system monitors times, temperatures, chemical concentrations and pressures. This system has been programmed per industry standards and is in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration




There are two areas available for packaging and filling. The primary filling room. The Blue Room is a temperature controlled, HEPA filtered room that has an 18 valve Filler Specialties filler (previously described) and a 15 valve Fogg filler. The Fogg filler is the primary filler as it is newer and more user friendly. The blue room also contains a Bevco bottle rinser and an Enercon Induction sealer. Outside in the packaging area is a Pace bottle unscrambler and a New England bottle unscrambler, both of which are capable of running many different bottle sizes. There is also a Pearson box carton erector, a Hartness drop case packer, and a Pearson case top sealer. Additionally, there are various bottle and case coders that code the finished cases with various formats. There is a Wolftec automatic stretch wrapper to handle all our pallet stack requirements.


A secondary packaging area is a 4,500 square foot production room within the main building, This newly constructed area is fitted with insolated panels surrounded by a steal constructed outer shell. All necessary lighting and powered switch-gear are present and functional for easy installation of packaging equipment. The floor has been coated with a “Stone-Hard” epoxy finish to protect the surface from process related corrosives. Many of the components and equipment necessary for a second packaging line for increasing packaging capacity are already in place.


Freshco has two new label systems, each capable of applying up to 7” front/back labels at up to 100 bpm. And 3” to 7” wrap labels for round containers at up to 60 bpm. Each applier has a1/8” accuracy at maximum speed.



Freshco has a 10,622 square foot dry goods warehouse to support both packaging areas. This area is used to store many of our packaging supplies such as, Caps, PET Bottles, Boxes and Labels.





Freshco has four 8 cylinder Vilter ammonia compressors that generate approximately 320 tons of refrigeration. The compressors have computerized controls that automatically increase or decrease both the number of compressors used and the number of cylinders per compressor used at any given time. This helps both in monitoring the equipment and in reducing energy consumption.

The system includes direct ammonia expansion for the warehouses and a 200 ton Alfa-Laval plate and frame heat exchanger that is ammonia to glycol. Glycol is pumped throughout the plant to the pasteurizers, HEPA, tank farm, blend tanks and blend water chiller.




Cooler #1 – approximately 5,600 sq.ft. of racked storage maintained below 35oF with floor and wall insulation capable of sustaining 0oF temperature. There is also an area designated for retained sample storage.

Cooler #2 – approximately 6,900 sq.ft. of storage, 1/3 of which is racked and the balance is floor storage. The floor insulation is not adequate for a temperature reduction to 0oF but will maintain below 35oF.




Freshco has a truck scale located east of the refrigerated warehouses. Scale capacity is 100,000lb. and scales at 20lb. increments.

Scale house is designed with no operator necessary, the printer will print a ticket on demand and several employees can operate it.




Freshco has seven tanks with a total capacity of approximately 140,000 gallons of water storage/treatment. The first tank is for pH balance and has automatic controls that adds potassium hydroxide or N-furic acid to help adjust for pH extremes. The permit allows for a pH from 5.0-10.0 so that the pH is easily controlled.


BOD reduction is accomplished through aerobic bacterial reduction. The loads are generally low enough so that the <250ppm limits are met.


Total Suspended solids are also controlled and adjusted to specification within the system.



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